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General Small Business Information
This section provides general small business information useful in all industries and professions. It includes links to small business products, employment taxes, electronic filing and paying, taxpayer burden reduction, abusive tax avoidance transactions, and many other topics.

Avoiding Problems - Real Estate
This section contains important information on recordkeeping and warns you of fraudulent real estate schemes.
Trends and Statistics - Real Estate
This site provides industry specific and general survey results that should be of interest to the small business owner.
Audit Technique Guides - Real Estate
The IRS Market Segment Specialization Program (MSSP) publishes various guides for use by IRS employees conducting audits and as information for taxpayers and practitioners.

Related Links - Real Estate
This page provides you links to sites that have specific information dealing with real estate.
Financial Resources - Real Estate
This section provides you with direct links to many commonly used financial resources for small businesses.
Tax Tips - Real Estate
This section contains information on topics such as tax credits, rental income and expenses, and the sale of your residence.
Income Verification Express Service (IVES)
Transcripts can now be delivered, electronically, through e-Services.